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Responsibly Raised Chickens

These chickens are all free-ranged using Salatin tractors. This means that the chickens get to be raised outside in a protective area where they can scratch the soil to find bugs and other nutritious snacks. The best part about these moveable tractors is that once the chickens have made good work of their current “pasture” they are moved to another area. This controlled grazing is very beneficial for the soil and creates a balanced ecosystem.

Responsibly Raised Beef

Rotational grazing can help improve long-term pasture quality and fertility by favoring desirable pasture species and allowing for even manure distribution. Rotational grazing also can increase the amount of forage har- vested per acre over continuous grazing by as much as 2 tons dry matter per acre.


Responsibly Raised Lamb

These lambs were used to maintain rangelands at the base of Bishops Peak. Talk about supporting your local community!  By buying this lamb you are not only buying a delicious piece of local meat, but helping maintain the beautiful SLO county rangelands.  Of course every purchase will come fresh to your doorstep with a recipe card.  

Responsibly Raised Eggs


Local, pasture raised eggs. It’s like having your own backyard chickens but without the work. Laying hen operations can be very beneficial to rangelands as well. When rotated in after ruminants such as cows, chickens will scratch and peck the bugs out of the cow patties. This not only provides them with a nutritious diet, but helps spread fertilizer across the rangelands. This process will help create healthier grasslands for when the cows come back to graze that pasture.