Our Standards

Raising animals responsibly is the simplest way to maintain our planet’s ecosystems. Here at Fauna Farms, we pride ourselves in our farmers’ practices. Each Fauna Farmer goes through an intensive check of the criteria listed below, before we source your meat from them.

Animal Health and Welfare

Our animals live life as nature intended them to. They spend their days grazing lush grass, pecking and scratching in the soil, and getting lots of sunlight.

  1. Animals spend their entire lives on pasture

  2. Animals move to new, fresh pastures daily 

  3. Animals are fed proper diets for their digestive tracts, and allowed to grow at a healthy rate

  4. Animals are not given hormones, antibiotics, or feed containing GMOs

Soil Health

Soil is the 2nd largest carbon sink on our planet, and the main resource for our food. Proper management of soil is the key to a healthy food system, and planet. 

  1. Grazing is managed closely to mimic natural herbivores 

  2. Animals graze conservatively to prevent overgrazing and erosion

  3. Soil organic matter is increased 

  4. Soil health is improved to increase the carbon it contains

Rangeland Management

Fauna Farmers understand that their land is not solely dedicated to farming, but instead is part of a larger ecosystem. The way our farmers manage their rangelands is building a healthy ecosystem for future generations. 

  1. Invasive grasses are eradicated using management-intensive grazing

  2. Riparian areas are grazed minimally to preserve creek beds and depth for aquatic species

  3. If endangered or at-risk species are found on the land, the land is managed to optimize their natural habitats

  4. Wildlife habitat is constantly being improved for the local fauna and flora


Resource Management

Fuel, water, and other resource usage is minimized to leave the most minimal impact.

  1. Electric fences for pastures are powered by solar energy

  2. Pressurized water systems are used to create an energy-independent flow of water

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